home cheese Specifications

Name: Mahón-Menorca

Origin: Island of Menorca, the Baleric Islands, Spain.

Milk: Whole dairy milk.

Form: Parallelepiped with rounded edges.

Height: Bettween 5 and 9 cm.

Weight: From 1 to 4 kilos.

Rind: From a yellowish/white colour to an orangey/brownish-grey colour.

Pulp: It has a firm texture and easily sliced except for cured pieces. Yellowish/ivory colour according to the deegre of maturity. It has variable number of small rounded holes, distributed irregulary.

Taste and aroma: Smooth taste, slightly salty and acidic flavour. The aroma is lactic and is reminiscent of butter. Changing with the dreegre of maturity to a taste and aroma complex and intense and it gives off a piquant impression.

Fat content: no less than 38%.