Intimately linked to menorca

Designation of origin

Cheese with Protected Denomination of Origin

A product with "Denominación d'Origen Protegida"  D.O.P. wich stands for Protected Guarantee of Origin and Quality, is a product intimately tied to the geographical area in which it is produced: the Island of Menorca.

Geoclimatic factors: soil characteristics, temperature, humidity, light, etc, together with the human element, the production process and traditional maturing practices, condition in a determinating way the final characteristics, the aroma and taste of Mahón-Menorca cheese.

When referering to Mahón-Cheese, one is looking at a part of the customs and culture of the Island of Menorca. This has been and is a key element in the maintenance of its' current features.

Cattle farming is carried out on family owned farms on land divided into fields by a multitude of dry-stone walls. This allow the livestock to graze freely and is consistent with the landscape of Menorcan countryside. As a result an ecololgical balance has been maintained and this has been a reason why UNESCO has declared Menorca a Biosphere Reserve.