handmade products

Production process


 In the case of Mahón-Menorca Farmhouse cheese, that is made from unpasteurized milk, the form is made by bagging the curd in a cotton cloth called "fogasser" and suspending it by its four ends. Then it is placed on a table and next procedure is to eliminate the whey and to give cohesion to the mass by manual pressure, tying it with a cord called "lligam". 

Then, the piece is placed in a press and when removed, a drawing called "mamaella" is embossed on the top part of the piece. This originates from the folds of the cloth and bundle.The piece is then placed in brine and subsequently transfered to airing rooms where it is aired and where the superficial flora development begins. Thereafter it can be transfered to the maturation cellar.

In the case of Mahón-Menorca cheese made from pasturized milk, the process is the same apart from the fact that the forms are made by special moulds that give this cheese its characteristic square shape with rounded edges.