At fulfillment with the duty of information collected at article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, of Kicks of the Society of the Information and of the Electronic Trade, CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA, informs it that the here consigned data correspond at the entity title of the website #https://www.quesomahonmenorca.com

Domicile: Ctrades Grau, Km. 1 – Mahón ·  07700 (BALEARIC ISLANDS) Telephone: 971362295
Email: #quesomahon@quesomahonmenorca.com
registral Inscription: …………………………………………..


All the royalties of Industrial and Intellectual Property of the totality of elements contained at this Web included the trading marks, formed, graphic designs, texts, footage, and documents, belong at CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA and find protected by the Spanish and international laws on Intellectual and Industrial property. It stays expressly prohibited the total or partial reproduction of this website and of any one of his contents without the permission express and in writing of CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA.

The fit at the website does not imply any type of renunciation, transmission, license, or cession of these royalties for part of CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA, shot that establish expressly the opposite.


The fit at this website implies the acceptance of these instructions for use without reservation that they regulate the fit and the utilization of the same with the purpose to pose at the willingness of the user’s information on our products.
It prohibits expressly the utilization of the contents of this website for his utilization with trading purposes or for his distribution, transformation, or communication.

CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA, will not respond to any consequence, harm, or damage that could derive from this utilization or use of the information.
So much the fit at this Web like the use that can make of the information contained at the same is of the exclusive responsibility of who realizes it.

The user obliges at not utilizing the information that publishes at this Web with purposes or illicit or harmful effects, at not damaging or disable the information, and at not realizing any other activity that can be contrary to the content of this Legal Notice. CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA can not assure the nonexistence of stoppages or errors at the fit at this website, although it will pose his main efforts to eschew them.


This Web utilizes exclusively cookies of indispensable internal use for the provision of the kicks solicited by the users and necessary for the navigation.
The cookies that can utilize this website are small quantities of information that store at the computer with the only end to manage the authentication of the users, the provision of the kicks solicited and affect the transmission of communications for the Mesh, of a chord with what establishes at the article 22 of the Law 34/2012 of Kicks of the Society of the Information (LSSI).

The user has the possibility to impede the installation of cookies at his disk take, configure his browser for being informed before the cookies store at his computer, or to delete those that have installed. The user can configure his browser to specify the cookies that can be accepted and those that no, can also accept cookies of the session, so that they delete when shut the browser and can, anytime, view and erase the cookies individually.

Although we caution him that the fact of not accepting the cookies of our website will be able to suppose the impossibility or an important limitation so that we can loan him our kicks.
Please, it consults the instructions and manuals of his browser if it wants to magnify the information on the management of the cookies.


At the fulfillment of the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT And OF THE COUNCIL of 27 of Abril of 2016, relative at the protection of the physical persons regarding the treatment of personal data and at the free circulation of these data and his rule of development, informs it that the proportionate personal data for you will be treated with the purpose to facilitate the information solicited on our products and kicks, as well as the to give a reply and manage his comments and suggestions.

Through the fill of forms of contact of the Web or by means of the sending of electronic posts or anyone another type of request of information remitted at CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA, the interested loans his consent exprés for the treatment of his personal data.
At any case, CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA, will utilize the personal data of the interested for distinct purposes of the anteriorly mentioned, or will communicate the ones at third without the previous consent and exprés of the affected, and engages at saving the owed professional secret and at establishing the technical and organizational sizes necessary for saving the conformal information at the requests that establish the mentioned Regulation.

His personal data will conserve at our registries during a period of three years. Nevertheless, anytime you can solicit the fit at his personal data and his rectification or suppression. As well as, limit his treatment, or directly oppose the treatment or exert the law to the portability of these.
Also, we inform it of his law to present a claim in front of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, if it considers that at the treatment of his data are not respecting his royalties.


Who facilitates the data through the forms of this Web and accepts his treatment declares formally main being of 13 years.
It stays prohibited the fit and use of the portal at the minors of 13 years of age.
CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA recalls at the main persons of age that have at his minor charge, that will be of his exclusive responsibility if some minor incorporates his data to solicit some product.

Also, it informs the ones that they exist computer programs to limit the navigation by means of the filter or blockade at determinate contents.


At tracking our profile at the social meshes consents expressly the treatment of his conformal personal data at his politician of privacy. Also, it consents expressly the fit of CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA at the treatment of his data contained at the list of friends and at the fact that the news published on any product of CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA appear at his page.

In compliance with the REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, inform it that the personal data of the fans of CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA, will be incorporated at a file the titular of which is CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA with the purpose to maintain him informed through the social meshes on relative news at the activities of CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA.

His request to connect implies necessarily his consent for the treatments signaled.
The publication of comments and contents at the social meshes will convert at public information, thus the users will have to have special caution when deciding to share his personal information. CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA does not make the manager for the information that the users incorporate at the page. Nevertheless, the persons the personal data of which find published or are included at comments will be able to solicit at CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA the cancellation of these.
Anytime, you can exert the royalties of fit, rectification, suppression, and opposition, limit the treatment of his data, or directly oppose at the treatment, or exert the law to the portability of these. Everything this, by means of brief, accompanied by a copy of the official document that identifies him, directed at CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA. A case of disagreement with the treatment also has law to present a claim in front of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data.


The links that can find at this Web are a kick at the users. These pages are not operated or controlled by CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA, therefore, it does not make the manager of the contents of these websites or are coated by the present Legal Notice. If it accesses at these pages Webs will have to take into account that his politicians of privacy can be distinct at ours.


The present Legal Notice governs for the valid Spanish rule that is him applicable.
For the resolution of the controversies that could derive as a consequence of the, that has at the present disposals and envelope his performance, app, and fulfillment. The user, at the virtue of the acceptance of the conditions collected at this legal Notice, renunciation expressly at anyone another fur that could correspond to him.
In any case, in the Spanish jurisdiction, if the legislation permitted to subject at a fur at concrete, the user renounces expressly at the fur that could correspond him and subjects voluntarily at the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Mahón.


CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCA, onwards RESPONSIBLE, is the Manager of the treatment of the personal data of the User and informs it that these data will be treated in compliance with what has at the valid rules at the protection of personal data, the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (GDPR) relative at the protection of the physical persons regarding the treatment of personal data and at the free circulation of these data and the organic Law (IS) 15/1999 of 13 of December (LOPD) relative at the protection of data of personal nature, thus it facilitates him the following information of the treatment:

Fine of the treatment: maintain a trading account with the User. The planned operations to realize the treatment are:

Reference of advertising trading communications for EMAIL, FAX, SMS, MMS, social communities, or anyone another electronic or physical mode, present or future, that make it possible to realize trading communications. These communications will be realized by the MANAGER and related to his products and kicks, or of his collaborators or suppliers with which this has achieved some chord of promotion. In this case, the third never will fit the personal data.

Realize statistical surveys.

Transact assignments, requests, or any type of request that was realized by the user through any one of the forms of contact that pose at his willingness.

Remit the bulletin of news of the website.

Criteria of conservation of the data: they will conserve while it exists a mutual interest to maintain the end of the treatment and when no longer was necessary for such fine, will suppress with sizes of suitable security to guarantee the seudonimización of the data or the total destruction of these.

Communication of the data: they will not communicate the data at third, except legal debenture. Royalties that assist at the User:

Law to remove the consent anytime.

Law of fit, rectification, portability, and suppression of his data and at the limitation or opposition at his treatment.

Law to present a claim in front of the authority of control (agpd.es) if it considers that the treatment does not adjust at the valid rule.

Data of contact to exert his royalties:

Postal address: CRDO CHEESE MAHÓN MENORCACtrad ́is Rank, Km. 1 07700 MAHÓN (BALEARIC ISLANDS)
electronic Address: #quesomahon@quesomahonmenorca.com


The Users, by means of the checking of the corresponding boxes and entry of data at the areas, marked with an asterisk (*) at the form of contact or presented at forms of discharge, accept expressly and of free and unambiguous way, that his data are necessary to attend his request, for part of the lender, hears voluntary the inclusion of data at the remaining areas. The User guarantees that the personal data facilitated at the MANAGER are truthful and make the manager communicate any modification of these.

The MANAGER informs and guarantees expressly at the users that his personal data will not be ceded at any case at third, and that always that it realized some type of cession of personal data, will request previously the consent express, informed and unambiguous for part the Users. All the data solicited through the website are obligatory since they are necessary for the provision of an optimal kick at the User. In case that are not facilitated all the data, it does not guarantee that the information and kicks facilitated are entirely adjusted at his necessities.


That in compliance with what has at the valid rules at the protection of personal data, the MANAGER is conforming with all the disposals of the normative GDPR and LOPD for the treatment of the personal data of his responsibility, and manifestly with the principles described at the article 5 of the GDPR and at the article 4 of the LOPD, for which are treated of lawful way, loyal and transparent at account with the interested and suitable, pertinent and limited at the necessary at account with the purposes for the quals are treated.

The MANAGER guarantees that it has implemented technical and organizational politicians appropriate to apply the sizes of security that establish the GDPR and the LOPD with the purpose to protect the royalties and liberties of the Users and has communicated the ones the suitable information so that they can exert them.



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